Interview with GSA Lilibeth André

This is the first in a series of interviews featuring the Guiton St. Artists (GSA). Today’s featured artist is Lilibeth Andre.

Guiton St. Artist Lilibeth Andre

Guiton St. Artist Lilibeth Andre

Q: Where or with whom have you painted or studied?

LA: I always took art classes in school but my formal training was in Mexico City. I studied art and design under recognized artists and architects in the oldest design school. I began to learn oil, watercolor and the use of other media for my design projects like acrylics, colored pencil, and enamels. I arrived in Houston in 1992 and have studied with local artists who attracted me for their work. I started with Jo Mullendore (landscapes), then I found Nikki Szeto (portraits), Bruce Williamson (still life and landscapes), and William Kalwick, Jr., with whom I studied portraits for three years. I also took a figure drawing class at Rice University with Darra Keeton.

Lilibeth Andre, Esperando el Nixtamal, oil, 20x16

Lilibeth Andre, Esperando el Nixtamal, oil, 20×16

Q: What are your favorite themes?

LA: I focus most on portraits and figures because, to me, they are the most challenging. I like to paint from life as part of my ongoing training. When I travel or escape on short trips I enjoy painting landscapes. In the studio I work on wildlife, still life and I also do illustrations. I enjoy challenging myself with new projects because I always learn something new so I’ve painted large mural-size pastels on the street, I explore new subjects, and I work on getting to know my tools so they become intuitive parts of my movement and expression.

Q: What is your style?

LA: I am classically trained and I prefer representational and impressionist work.

Lilibeth Andre, Quary, oil, 12x16

Lilibeth Andre, Quary, oil, 12×16

Q: What mediums have you been working with in the past 10 years?

LA: I’ve been working primarily with water-soluble oils to avoid the use of solvents. I’ve actually been working with them for almost 15 years now. I also use acrylics, watercolor, and colored pencil, depending on the project.

Q: What inspires you?

LA: People and places have always inspired me. Each painting is an exercise in contemplation and I grow connected to my subject. This allows my perception to absorb what I see and then express that concept through my hand and tools. The work of the masters is also very inspirational to me. I fortunately have more inspiration than time to paint so it is very rewarding as an artist to be able to produce new work and release these ideas from my imagination.

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