Lilibeth André

LA Roundtop 10

Artist Lilibeth André in Roundtop, Texas

Colorful, forceful, and serene is the work of artist Lilibeth André. Born in Cuernavaca, Mexico, she studied art and design in Coyoacan, Mexico City, graduating in 1981. She also completed a BBA, LeTourneau University, where she graduated cum laude in 2002.

André has lived in Bellaire and Houston since 1992, studying under local artists Jo Mullendore, Nikki Szeto, Bruce Williamson and Darra Keeton. She has studied portrait and landscape painting with William Kalwick, Jr., since 2008.

Sangres I

Lilibeth André, Sangres I, Oil on canvas board, 6×8

André’s artwork has been featured in the Fox 26 Artist of the Week segment, and by Channel 11, 13, 2, and NPR. Her work has helped to raise funds for various organizations including the Houston Sierra Club, Cornerstone Recovery, and Houston Via Colori. She participates in local and state-wide exhibitions and has won awards in the Houston Civic Arts Association, Sugar Land Area Artists, and Houston Art Society.

El Mandil

Lilibeth André, El Mandil, oil, 30×24

Her current work, a blend of classical representational and impressionist style, includes portraits, wildlife, still life and landscapes, painted primarily in water-soluble oils to avoid the use of solvents. She uses a classical color palette used by the impressionists. The focus of her work is preservation, of culture and nature, highlighting the people and places of Mexico and places visited in her travels.

For information on my work you can contact me on Facebook:

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GSA Interview

Houston art studio in the Galleria area.

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